Roma Roma Roma!

Rome update!!!

So Rome was super awesome in every way possible. I had an absolutely fabulous fabulous fabulous time!!! 1. It was warm. 2. SO. MUCH. HISTORY. I got my serious nerd on (thanks history degree!) 3. PASTA! PIZZA! Need I say more?

Alright so it was the bomb diggity!!! I just walked around so much and saw as many cool things as I possibly could. I loved the Trevi Fountain and don’t worry, I threw 10 centimes in over my shoulder to ensure that I return to Rome again one day. I think the highlight of my trip may have been taking a nap at Circus Maximus. It’s just a park now but i passed out in the grass for 2 hours one afternoon and it was awesome. I had a little bit of a History nerd freak out, I mean sleeping on the Circus Maximus? Get outa here!

My other cool story is how a waiter at a resaturant passed me love notes and gave me free beer and free tiramisu one afternoon. I ended up kind of drunk at like 3pm from drinking a few pints. Then I thought it’d be a good idea to go to a museum but I learned the hard way that appreciating Renaissance paintings is a lilllll bit hard if you have imbibed. Generally because in all the paintings everyone is naked.


Well anyways here are some photos!!! Enjoy

Vatican City!

why not have a statue of a lion eating a horse at the Vatican?

Trevi Fountain!

Colliseum what what

Palatine Hill... which don't pay for the audio guide... it doesnt make sense

Gettin my nerd on at the colliseum

piazza di spagna