Mego In America

Sad but true, I am in America. And I wish I was still in France. But don’t worry, I’m trying to scheme my way into somehow getting back over on that side of the pond by August/September. My new crackpot idea is going to get my Masters Degree there. So… we’ll see how that goes.

Anyways a wrap up of my last week (insert tears here) in France: hanging out. I just hung out all week, bought souvenirs, and pretended I wasn’t leaving. Pretty standard.

But I did spend my last day in Paris with my boyfriend which was super awesome. I did feel bad because I made him drag like 50 kilos of luggage through the streets of Paris, in the rain. I had like 25 kilos I was dragging because for some reason, I accumulated a ton of crap these past 8 months. Idk who knows how that happened. Anyways we spent the afternoon in Montmartre and going to the Sacre Coeur and also Buttes Chaumont. As last days in beautiful amazing countires go, it was nickel! That is what French people say instead of cool. Image


So now I am back in the US and I am sad… somebody give me a job in France!!!!


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