2012: French Resolutions

I feel like I am being clever and calling this French Resolutions because it rhymes with French Revolution(s), but that is probably just a bad history pun… LOLZ nerd alert! It would only be better if I could work in a Napoleon comment, but hey you can’t win them all! Actually this is a well timed pun (so punny) BECAUSE today at school Ron Burgundy forgot I was American and was trying to make me talk about the differences between England and France. He is going on about all sorts of things and finally one kid raises their hand and goes, “one time France had a queen and her name was Marie Antoinette but then all the people killed her because she was mean. England didn’t kill their queen” I thought this was hilarious but I think Ron Burgundy just thought I was crazy for laughing. Oh well he is pretty crazy too so I guess it works out.

this is exactly what he looks like... plus a gold chain and you can see his chest hair... 70s classic

Welll anyhoo happy 2012 ya’ll! I can’t believe that it is not 2011 anymore! What a great year 2011 was, graduating and moving to France being the highlights, but I can’t wait to see what 2012 bringz, hopefully more delights and wonderfulness!

So New Years was fun! I went to Grenoble with my friend Mathanee who lives there. She is British and so funny with all her British English expressions (mate, knackered, using the word “piss” with like 10 different meanings…) which I just find hilarious. British English and American English are really quite different srsly! But we had a good time just going out and enjoying ourselves. Thankfully Grenoble wasn’t too frigid. Sunday we actually just layed around all day recovering from the celebrations and talking. It is really nice because she is someone who truely reminds me of all my friends back home in America and we just can talk about anything. We talked perhaps of taking a trip to Barcelona in February before we both head home during February break.

partyin' like its 1999, and by 1999 i mean 2012

So anyways that brings me back to the French Resolutions (haha I still think it’s clever)… 1. Run 5 miles 3x a week… so I can continue to eat baguettes and cheese like it’s my job (speaking of, new fav. cheese is def St. Marcellin, a type of goat cheese)… 2. Quit speaking so much dang English and really focus on my fran├žais… I’ve been doing super good about reading in French, now to just speak in it more… 3. Travel outside of France, meaning Barcelona, Italy, and (toss up) Switzerland or England… 4. Avoid the real world at all costs.

I like my list I think it looks pretty dang good! Sometimes I get lazy with my French when I know someone speaks English and I really need to stop that and just say Non, pas d’anglais! But really it is my own fault. Also as an afterthought, I’d really like to learn how to text in French because I’m fairly certain I sound like an old person when I text.

Hip people send cool texts like “CC sa va?” which took me a REALLY long time to figure out what that meant… translation “what’s crackalackin” more or less. When I text I type out all the words like “Bonjour!” which is the un-cool way of saying CC (coucou). I am the texting queen back in the US and here I think I sound like a grandma, and I feel like one too. It takes me ages to decode texts and usually I have to ask someone what they mean. Oh technology sometimes I find that you are not really my friend.

maybe i should buy this so i can be cool, also i have no idea what these twho dudes are trying to say

Today was also a great day at school because I’m finally starting to fit in at my fav. school. I walked in this morning and all the teachers “faire-d la bise” (franglais) with me… that is the thing where they kiss you on the cheek and you do it to people you are friends with. No teachers have ever done that to me so it just really made me feel accepted. I really am so happy here and so glad I got placed in this town with all these nice people!

Anyways since I couldn’t think of any way to work in a Napoleon pun I suppose I’ll end it here. If you think of any good ones, please leave me a comment with some inspiration (calling all history nerds…or dad) and i’ll leave you with a guy who is trying to convert Muslims by wearing a Jesus smock… because that is really going to work…

stylin' for Jesus