Mego In Spain: Barcelona

Well long time no update! Life has been cray-cray! But I’m updating on this side of the Atlantic so thats coolio! But I am leaving tomorrow, taking the red-eye and arriving in France Thursday morning. I’m going to be really sad to leave, but I’ve established a life there and I’m kind of ready to get back to that which is kind of a strange thought. If anyone knows someone who needs an American girl to work for them in France… let me know! 🙂

Anyways, BARCELONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in LOVE with that city. My new life goal is to learn Spanish and move there for a year. I need direction in my life so that is a good goal in my opinion.

I’m just going to do pictures for this post because I’m just not sure my words can do the beauty and wonder of this city justice. But I’ll outline what we did: Picasso Museum (amazing!), Parc Guell, Sagrada Familia, Beach (Barceloneta), wandering around the city eating paella, tapas, and drinking sangria! YUMMMM! And of course loved all the Gaudi architecture!

carnavale mask! appropriate because today is mardi gras

me by the harbor

Spanish street! gettin' artsy up in here

Gaudi architechture

parc guell, mosaics loved this!

gaudi gift shop in parc guell

mosaics be errywhurr

Front of Sagrada Familia SO AMAZING

Back of the Sagrada Familia


view from Parc Guell of the city, including Sagrada Familia

Parc Guell


2 thoughts on “Mego In Spain: Barcelona

  1. We miss you! So glad you had a good time home and in Spain. I love mosaics so I think I would love Barcelona. The picture of that hotel is really good!

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