Meaghan=My Gun

So Ron Burgundy really struggles to pronounce my name. I don’t really understand why because there is a French equivalent and it’s not popular but its not uncommon (Megane). I also pronounce my name that way here just to make it easy on people. Anyways the way he says it is something like “Mye-gunn.” So after class the other day one little girl comes up to me and goes “est-ce que ‘my gun’ ca veut dire ‘mon pistolet’?” [does ‘my gun’ mean ‘my gun’] and I was like yeah that is the translation of that. Ron Burgundy lost it and was bent over laughing so hard he couldnt breathe. I was like yo Ron what is the dealio?? He goes “did you  not realize that what she was asking was if your name means mon pistolet” [my gun in French] I was like seriously Ron what are you smoking? And then I realized that the way he pronounces my name kind of sounds like “My gun.” So I confused a child, a lot. Awesome. Moral of the story is, don’t name your kids weird things. No not really, the moral of the story is I need to listen to the chitlins better so I don’t unintentionally tell them lies.

In other news, life has been good recently! It is full spring here and I am happily wandering around in summer sun dresses (with sweaters for modesty), enjoying the soleil and lovely temperatures. Last weekend I spent the day in Avignon exploring and seeing the sights. I did not sing on the Pont d’Avignon unfortunately because it cost like 6 euros entrance which seems a little extreme for a bridge that is only half way across a river… Anyways I had a wonderful wonderful time! Avignon was great. I even got a little sun burned on my shoulders and saw an old fat man in cut off jean shorts soooo… that was the cherry on top.

palais des papes, what up old pope palace

finally i'm not wearing my leather jacket! view from the palais des papes

pont d'avignon, and palais des papes... view from the other side of the river

grotto! wheres hef?

JORTS!!!!! you'd think you were in America seeing this...

Also I FINALLY got all my OFII dramz sorted out. I finally went and got the stamp for my passport. It seems silly though because I’m leaving in 6 weeks (triste!!!) even though I don’t want to. I’m finally starting to feel settled in Nyons, to have friends, to feel like I know what life is here and to have to leave so soon… It breaks my heart it really does. But i’ll find out this month if I got re-accepted to the Assistant Program which I’m hoping I did. Not necessarily here in Nyons, but in France in general. I’d be happy.

Today, I bien profité (enjoyed) the gorgeous day here in Nyons by reading in the park. I read for an hour and then promptly fell asleep on the bench but, it is the thought/effort that counts right?

Also if anyone can help me explain what “swag” is, that would be awesome. I can’t seem to figure out how to explain what it is….

Wonderful weekend wishes to everyone!



I’m Famous

My students wrote an article about me plus pictures of me in action, changing lives and teaching english like a boss

Here is the link click it!!!! It is in French but here is what it says in English:

“Meaghan is our new English assistant, here is a little bit about her: She is from Virgina which the capitol is Richmond and is south of Washingon. In her region it is as cold as Nyons. She is 22 years old. For sports she plays lacrosse (mostly played in the US) and running. She was born in Alexandria next to Washington because her parents lived there at the time. She was supposed to go to Grenoble but came to Nyons because she likes traveling and it is easier in France. She can’t  livve in France because she needs a work visa. This is not her first time in our country. She lived in Brittany for four months in 2009. Meaghan does not like people who smoke, especially in the streets. She doesn’t know what she will do later. Her favorite animal is the cat. Her weakness is seafood. Her work contract will soon be finished and she leaves at the end of April, how sad!

This is pretty far off of what I told these kids but hey they are like 10 so pretttty good work dudes!

This cracks me up lololololololol




Todayone of my students found out he was taller than me, now I am “la petite Meaghan” awesome. I also saw the FATTEST basset hound I’ve ever seen in my life EVER today on my run, easily 80 lbs. It was also awesome but in a way awesome-er way. Check out this link to basset hounds running because it will make your day.

Anyways I’ve been very cultural lately, you would be proud. Last week on Wednesday I went to Mt. Ventoux, and Vaison la Romaine a town nearby with one of my collegues and a German girl working in one of my schools named Bettina. Mt. Ventoux you might recall is one of the hardest mountain climbs in Le Tour de France (Lance Armstrong whatuppp) and I actually saw some guy wearing a US Postal Service jersey biking up it while we drove. No way to know if he was real or not but maybe? It was a lovely day, we pic-nic-ed and just meandered. And by real I mean like actually on the team, obviously he was a real dude.




view from Mt Ventoux, if you look hard enough you can see the alps

view from Mt Ventoux, if you look hard enough you can see the alps

a cool house in Vaison

a cool house in Vaison

some fish on wheels in Vaison... cuz i mean, why not?

some fish on wheels in Vaison... cuz i mean, why not?

Over the weekend I invited Bettina and Mathanee down for a visit so that was a fun weekend, just hanging with the girls. It was probably the closest thing to a college weekend I’ve done in a while. AKA it kicked a$$. It wasn’t really cultural because we all just got drunk for St. Patrick’s day… you can’t get an English girl, a German girl, and an American girl together and NOT have that happen… I think all three are known for their love and appreciation of a good beer. And St. Patrick’s day is definitely not remotely French so we’ll just call that an opening of international frontiers, paving the way for the future.

But we did get cultural, I gave both Bettina and Mathanee the Tour de Nyons, full of history, facts, and cute cats. It was pretty awesome.

Then to get even mo cultural on yo booty,  yesterday I went to Lyon, the second largest city in France and the capitol of the region I live in (Rhône-Alpes). Lyon was MAD COOL!!! I took lots of pictas. There are two rivers that run though it, an ancient Roman amphitheatre (where we pic-nic-ed) a cool basilica, a giant cathedral (why they need both idk), an “old town,” a fake Eiffel Tower, and some really cool architecture. Here are some photos:

Basilica and fake Eiffel Tower

Basilica and fake Eiffel Tower

Roman Amphitheatre

Roman Amphitheatre

check out this history yo!

check out this history yo!




view of Lyon from the Basilica

view of Lyon from the Basilica

some crazy old celestial clock from the 1300s, YUP 1300s!!!!

some crazy old celestial clock from the 1300s, YUP 1300s!!!!

craycray fountain, i think thats a mermaid riding like giant horses coming out of the sea?

craycray fountain, i think thats a mermaid riding like giant horses coming out of the sea? interesting bc Lyon is inland sooo explain that one...

ONLYLYON... get it?

ONLYLYON... get it?

had to cuz i'm a LEO holla

had to cuz i'm a LEO holla... also my pants blend in, don't worry about that

I also bought some Barbapapa postcards so BOOM.

All in all? I think this has been a very culturally productive past few weeks! Nothing too cray has been going on at schoolio, just the usual bizniss.Although I did get inspected by the education inspector of the area on Tuesday when I had a fever. It went as well as you could expect that to go but ooooo wellz, he is a nice guy and I know he likes me and thinks I’m doing a good job.


On that note, I leave you




Ron Burgundy Strikes Again

So I havn’t updated any RB stories recently. All has been quiet on that front for the past few weeks, until today that is. Unfortunately this isn’t a funny story. He made me mad. Like really mad.

We are doing a food unit for his class and he was like “lets do frites” frites being french fries. I go yeah cool ok french fries and he looks at me and goes “no chips” and I go “no chips are the same in America as they are here” and he goes “yes but in England frites are chips” and I go “yes I know but I’m not from England.”

He stops, looks me right in the eye and goes “are they paying you to come here and be American? no they are paying you to come here and be British so thats what you better teach in my class.” UM EXCUSE ME… I’m sorry but I was really offended by this. I’ve never been to freaking England much less learned British English. I have a president not a queen and I’m never going to speak British English. In fact it generally sounds wrong to me, but that is just my opinion.

What do you say to someone that has just insulted your nationality? I think he knew he pissed me off. I fumed the rest of the class but didn’t say anything. What could I say? I’m just a transient worker, hes been there for like 20 years. So, moral of the story is: if you are American, pretend to be British. JK that’s stupid. If you are whatever you are, be that proudly and don’t let anyone bring you down!



So kids are funny. I think thats why I like working with them. Some of them are little terrors and I do not enjoy working with those ones but the rest of them… It’s awesome! So yesterday was pretty funny since I was at my favorite school and those kids are the best. The Spandex King just didn’t show up for school, not sure why, so all of his kids got put in with the little ones in the other classes (he has the equivalent of 5th grade). During the time for our hour of English, I got all of them together and we went in an empty classroom to do English time, except that I had nothing prepared and none of his materials that we have been working on.

I was thinking ok these kids are like 11 so they are totally going to want to learn cool things, not like lamesauce things like “I want beans and sausage on toast for breakfast.” As a sidenote, we did learn that. But most of them are Muslim so they can’t eat sausage so… riddle me that one people. So I say to them “alright do you guys even like English class? I think it’s kind of boring we can learn fun things today what do you want to learn?” Of course one kid stands up and is like “GROS MOTS!!!!” aka curse words. I was like no not in a million years, I’m fun but I’m not that fun. So one kid is like “can we learn how to count to 100” which I figured they already knew so we just worked on numbers for an hour which was not cool or fun. I failed at being the cool teacha. Anyways at one point, another kid stands up on the desk and started dancing. My reaction is to laugh at this because I mean it’s funny.

The one girl in the entire class (there was only 10 since a lot of them just went home) goes “ugh seriously? Can you sit down? SOME of us are trying to learn here!” To which the dancing kid goes “Shut the F up, I do what I want!” and then asked me to marry him. Am I a terrible terrible teacher for not doing anything about this? Probably. But… it was funny! I did tell him to stop saying mean things and that we were there to learn and that no I was not going to marry him so could he please sit down. Boom. Teacher smackdown (kinda).

Next I had my little little ones in CP aka kindergarten. They are just SO adorable. When the teacher’s back was turned, one of them a little redheaded boy stands up and goes “I’M SEXY AND I KNOW IT!!!” and wiggled his hips then sat back down. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. Bahahahaha I’m still laughing about it now. I wish I had it on video… MTV this is why I need my own show!!!

Last week i brought in some dollar bills to show the kids because I figured they have never seen dollars before, which I was right. One kid then starts talking to me about the Civil War… I don’t know many 3rd graders in America who know much about the Civil War, much less kids in France. But this kid totally schooled me on my Civil War history. Where did he learn it? Oh just in a Belgian comic about the Civil War… Let your minds be blown!!!

so for some reason it wouldn't let me turn this but hey here's the cover of Les Tuniques Bleues aka The Blue Coats

back cover, look at those unionists!

Les Bleues doing something... I didn't actually read this

In other news there will be a bake sale tomorrow at one of my schools to fund their trip to Germany. If you are wondering to yourself if I am going to miss that bake sale the answer is NOT IN  A MILLION YEARS. I don’t miss American bake sales because I mean HELLO they are awesome, I can’t even imagine how AH-MAZINGGG a French bake sale is going to be. YUM

Anyway thats about it around here,  I will leave you with a picture of a cat in a wheelbarrow because… Why not??? The internet needs more pictures of cats.

i can haz ur moniez?

Vacay oh hay!

Hello! Well sorry long time no update! I have been internet-less chez-moi in France which makes it fairly difficult to update a blog. Sometimes I can steal it from the free public wifi but that is only sometimes if my computer is positioned jussssst right and even then it’s only a baby bit of internet. So there you go. Explanation. Boom.

Well America! That was fun! My trip started off with me almost missing my flight because I am a trainwreck. I read my ticket before I went to Barcelona and was like oh I leave in the afternoon coolio that gives me time to sleep in, organize myself, and not be a walking disaster. So fast forward to Wednesday morning when I’m just not really doing anything particular and decide to check my ticket to realize that HOLY CRAP my flight leaves at 1pm. It was 9am and if you know Paris, you know you are not getting to the airport in less than an hour/hour ½ so yeah. I start freaking out and my cousin is like WE HAVE TO GET YOU OUT THE DOOR NOW AHHHH!!!!! Then there is me like “WHERE ARE MY THINGS AHHHH I AM NOT DRESSED [insert string of explicatives here]” generally freaking out. Then to compound it all, my cousin’s husband was late for work and was running around like a crazy person, and her children had no idea what was going on and were like “auntie Meaghan can I tell you about Valentines Day at my school?” I am a bad auntie and have no idea what they were saying, but hey in my defense I was in full disaster mode. So fast forward, make it to the bus no prob, make it to the train station no prob, get on the train whew calm ensues. Then I realize, I have no idea what terminal I’m in but I always fly into T2 so I just go there and then realize that is not right so then I have to take the shuttle to T1. This sounds like nothing but really it took me like 45 min (CDG is confusing) and once again I was sprinting around like a chicken with its head cut off.

FINALLY I make it to the US Air counter, check in, and then had to go pay for my bag being overweight (obesity!) which took forever. Here is where my rant against idiot American travelers commences. There were these two girls who wanted to upgrade to business class and in order to do that there was a tax they had to pay. However there was no guarantee if they upgraded that they would actually get a seat in business class, so essentially they argued with the lady for 20 minutes over whether or not to pay the tax. Then their credit cards didn’t work so it ended up not mattering, except that they wasted A LOT of my time. Foreigners complain a lot about Americans and a lot of it is unfounded, just like how we complain about foreigners; it’s a vicious cycle. However there are times when I am like, “really people? You need to argue over this?” or when I’ve overheard people complain about the food in a place… like why would you travel here if you don’t like the food? It’s called research people, do it. Anyways sorry… back to my travels…

Moral of the story is that I finally made my flight, which was smooth and easy and made it back no problemo. I spent 7 days back home, 2 of them at airports so really 5 days with family and friends. It was super nice. I ate a LOT of Mexican food (ole!) and drank margaritas and listened to a lot of country music and drank Bud Light. America YEE HAW! It was awesome. I spent the weekend in Greensboro hanging out with Erin and going to see Eric Church in concert, which was by far the most American thing I could have possibly done. I think every redneck in the state of North Carolina was there. People’s accents were so thick I couldn’t understand them. It was pretty bad ass. It was a really great concert though because he really is a stage performer and puts on a good show. This was the third time I’ve seen him live so I knew I’d be in for a good show.

sista sista!

Irish time!

we are so smart and serious, pondering the questions of life

the was the only good picture i took out of like 25 sooo... yay?

Also it snowed a LOT in Virginia while I was there. It was craycray!

my mom's dogs have snow jackets...


But all good things come to an end and I was back in a flash in France. My flight back was pretty empty so I had two seats to myself to sleep on. I did talk to a guy for a bit who was sitting on my left and I felt really sorry for him, he didn’t speak any English and had been in the US for a week and was just like, “ I am SO ready to get back to France this was a really hard trip” and I was like yeah I mean I know how you feel… except that I speak two of the most popular world languages so really everywhere I go I can communicate easily. This dude was under the assumption that everyone in New Orleans speaks French and so he went there during Mardi Gras not realizing that it was going to be completely insane and full of drunk people. Once again, people need to research where they are going before they go there haha, it makes life soooo much easier.

Well now I am back and I was just informed by my friend Eleslie/Leslie (I still don’t know…) that apparently there are monthly meetings we are required to attend living here and that I never go to, which I know. I make a point of being busy on those nights, which sounds awful but seriously this is like a crappy  dorm and I already did that for 3 years at college soo… Anyways she goes, “yeah they don’t mind that you don’t come because they think that you don’t understand but I know that you do. You are such a rebel!” bahaha this made me laugh yay for being a rebel American?

Anyways found out that I now live near a nudist colony. I’ll leave you with that image in your heads… a bunch of old, naked, French people.