Bread in your pocket is better than a pen in your hat

Oh the French, always talking about how much they love food. I saw that expression on a sign today in Grenoble, but what am I talking about? I LOVE FOOD too! More specifically French food and I would most definitely love to have bread in my pocket rather than a pen in my hat. Wouldn’t you? haha

Anyways Grenoble is amazing! You havn’t seen mountains until you’ve seen the ones here. Maybe the Rockies but eh I’ve never seen them so I can only compare them to the ole’ Appalachians. Speaking of which, so I’m currently couch surfing with a friend of mine in Grenoble and we are staying at this guys apartment (this is relevant I promise… also Sarah don’t be freaked out I am totally safe:) ) and he lives on the top floor and has this amazing view of the mountains. Like this is a picture from his deck:

Can you say "tres magnifique"

We climbed up on the roof to watch the sunset and it was so cool. He was saying that in winter it reflects off the snow and it looks like a rainbow. SOOO AWESOME. I want to see that. Anyways he made us this fabulous plum risotto for dinner and then sereneaded us to John Denver’s “Country Roads” where he mis pronounced like a lot of the places like Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah river. But thats ok. It was quite hilarious. Anyways thats where I was going with the whole story involving Appalachia… but anyways… him and his roommate are so funny. The roommate told me the secret to his success as an event planner is to listen to reggae, smoke a joint, and just let the creative juices flow. I said, sounds like a nice way to live dude. Also one of them makes their own alcohol from the plants that he collects in the mountains like legit real liquor. Yeah. Awesome.

This is me enjoying Grenoble today,

Makes you wanna sing "The hills are alive with the sound of muuuusiiiic" doesnt it! Thats what I thought

Anyways the rest of Paris was fun, I saw the Guard Republicain do some cool sheesh in their Napoleon era dress uniforms. This is me with one of them… also it was like 85 and those outfits are wool so this dude was mad cool for taking a picture with me:

Hot Hot Hot

I also went to the Musee d’Orsay. That was mad sweet. I liked it like a million times more than the Louvre. Well now I know. Anyways I’ve got a life to go live so be jealous of it 🙂 I’ll leave you with a picture of some Barbapapas and a random statue of Thomas Jefferson in Paris!!

They are saying, "eat me"

Thomas Jefferson, why are you here?

Grand Bis,