Gettin’ Swizzy Wit It

…because I like to pretend I am clever…

Anyhoo Swizz update! The verdict, rain, rain, and more rain. Also FREEZING bahhh. Geneva is super chic so I felt pretty much like a country bumpkin but I guess thats about right considering where I have been living for the past few months haha.

i know im wearing sunglasses but that was just to keep the rain out of my eyez

So Anyways this was an ok part of my trip. The highlight was chillaxin in Lausanne with Kyle doing a gastronomic tour. Basically we ate the BEST kebabs EVER and then I had a real coffee not an espresso, and a smoothie. Boom.  Although I feel bad cuz he was super hungover… apparently Lausanne is a huge party town which is pretty sweet.

Then Sunday I wandereed around Geneva trying not to get frostbite and attempting to be cultural at the same time. I went to some Art History museum where the security guard gave me a free tour cuz he loves America I guess. IDK he just gave me the inside scoop about all the Roman, Greek, and Egyptian pieces.

Also checkout this statue and tell me what is weird about it…

guess why i'm a creepy weird statue...

If you guessed its a young dudes body with the head of an old man then you my friend are correct.

I will say Switzerland is very clean. So it has that going for it. Final verdict? I’m never going back. You win some, you lose some!

don't poop on the sidewalk dogs!

Italy update soon 🙂

creepy reformation museum poster... come to my museum or my beard will curse you!

idk what i need to do to have a statue of me made where i am riding a horse with an eagle on my shoulder but i want to make this a reality


Accidental Insults

So I was working with the Spandex King on a family/description/random unit. I’m confused about what the theme was. But at some point it turned into descriptions. I’m just going to put it out there that I’m really bad at describing people in English. I tend to describe people by “fat, skinny, tall, and not tall” and then usually what they are wearing. I don’t properly utilise the English language. Anyways the SK is the same age as my dad (mid 50s) but I thought he was  like 70 for the longest time until he randomly told me what year he was born, which was kind of a weird conversation. The fact that hes 55ish and I thought he was 70 should tell you something.

So we had just revised the descriptor words (big, small, tall, thin, fat, ugly, beautiful, old, young) and then SK looks at me and goes “describe me.” I was like oh no… Because how do you be polite when you call someone old? So because I’m horrifyingly awkward sometimes, I go “well um you are tall…i guess… um you have blue eyes… um and you are wearing a red sweater and black shoes” He looks at me and goes “that was actually horrible” well gee thanks…

Then one of the students start to describe him and the student goes “you have white hair” to which he FREAKED out. He was like, “WHITE HAIR!!!! I DO NOT HAVE WHITE HAIR!!! Meaghan what color is my hair??” which to be honest, his hair is that weird blonde/gray/white color that happens once you turn 50 and you were blonde back in the day. So what do you say to someone who might be in denial about their age?

The SK is staring at me and I’m just standing there like WHAT THE HELL DO I DO, so because I’m awkward, I stuttered out “um maybe it is kind of sorta whiteish grayish blonde?” Then I realized he didn’t understand my butchering of English “kind of sorta  wihiteish” meant nothing to him because those are words and expressions he has never heard. All he heard was “blonde” and that was all he needed to hear. He goes “see class? I am not old, I am beautiful with blonde hair! Strong too!”

If you say so Spandex King, if you say so.


Here is a random picture of a grotto in Avignon... just because