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So kids are funny. I think thats why I like working with them. Some of them are little terrors and I do not enjoy working with those ones but the rest of them… It’s awesome! So yesterday was pretty funny since I was at my favorite school and those kids are the best. The Spandex King just didn’t show up for school, not sure why, so all of his kids got put in with the little ones in the other classes (he has the equivalent of 5th grade). During the time for our hour of English, I got all of them together and we went in an empty classroom to do English time, except that I had nothing prepared and none of his materials that we have been working on.

I was thinking ok these kids are like 11 so they are totally going to want to learn cool things, not like lamesauce things like “I want beans and sausage on toast for breakfast.” As a sidenote, we did learn that. But most of them are Muslim so they can’t eat sausage so… riddle me that one people. So I say to them “alright do you guys even like English class? I think it’s kind of boring we can learn fun things today what do you want to learn?” Of course one kid stands up and is like “GROS MOTS!!!!” aka curse words. I was like no not in a million years, I’m fun but I’m not that fun. So one kid is like “can we learn how to count to 100” which I figured they already knew so we just worked on numbers for an hour which was not cool or fun. I failed at being the cool teacha. Anyways at one point, another kid stands up on the desk and started dancing. My reaction is to laugh at this because I mean it’s funny.

The one girl in the entire class (there was only 10 since a lot of them just went home) goes “ugh seriously? Can you sit down? SOME of us are trying to learn here!” To which the dancing kid goes “Shut the F up, I do what I want!” and then asked me to marry him. Am I a terrible terrible teacher for not doing anything about this? Probably. But… it was funny! I did tell him to stop saying mean things and that we were there to learn and that no I was not going to marry him so could he please sit down. Boom. Teacher smackdown (kinda).

Next I had my little little ones in CP aka kindergarten. They are just SO adorable. When the teacher’s back was turned, one of them a little redheaded boy stands up and goes “I’M SEXY AND I KNOW IT!!!” and wiggled his hips then sat back down. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. Bahahahaha I’m still laughing about it now. I wish I had it on video… MTV this is why I need my own show!!!

Last week i brought in some dollar bills to show the kids because I figured they have never seen dollars before, which I was right. One kid then starts talking to me about the Civil War… I don’t know many 3rd graders in America who know much about the Civil War, much less kids in France. But this kid totally schooled me on my Civil War history. Where did he learn it? Oh just in a Belgian comic about the Civil War… Let your minds be blown!!!

so for some reason it wouldn't let me turn this but hey here's the cover of Les Tuniques Bleues aka The Blue Coats

back cover, look at those unionists!

Les Bleues doing something... I didn't actually read this

In other news there will be a bake sale tomorrow at one of my schools to fund their trip to Germany. If you are wondering to yourself if I am going to miss that bake sale the answer is NOT IN  A MILLION YEARS. I don’t miss American bake sales because I mean HELLO they are awesome, I can’t even imagine how AH-MAZINGGG a French bake sale is going to be. YUM

Anyway thats about it around here,  I will leave you with a picture of a cat in a wheelbarrow because… Why not??? The internet needs more pictures of cats.

i can haz ur moniez?

Do I live in California or France?

So Nyons is beautiful. Like beyond words. It is weird because it really really really reminds me of California, the way the vineyards and olive farms are terraced on the hills/mountains and the roofs are all stucco and like that almost like pueblo style. It just reminds me of pictures of like Sonoma valley (not that I’ve ever been there or anything… Robert Mondavi could be lying to us all… you never know!).

My camera isn't that fancy so thats as good as its gonna get for now!

tOo CuTe FoR wErDz

At any moment people are going to burst into song, this is a fairytale

So anyways this is where I am living! I would post pictures of my apartment (if you could call it that) but everything is a hideous shade of cornflower blue, including the ceiling… wtf, so I won’t make all you readers puke in disgust. Blech! But anyways there are olive trees everywhere!! It is sooo pretty and picturesque. I can also walk EVERYWHERE in like 10 minutes. I’ve been running outside of the city and it is just AH-Mazing.

Olives olives errywherrre

Thats like 3 olives trees in an olive garden I found. YUP sure don’t have THOSE back in ole’ Virginny. This place just makes me think that if I wander outside the city limits I’m going  to find various magical creatures (maybe thats where the Barbapapas are hiding LOL) like dragons and wizards and sheesh. It just reminds me of a fairytale place, not to mention that most people who live here live here their entire lives and never leave. Soooo… maybe it is magical!

The people here are super nice! They kiss you three times on the cheek instead of the typical two and they talk in funny accents. The other day I was introduced to a woman who when I told her I lived “near” Washington DC (the only cities most French people know are DC, NYC, Vegas, and California… not a city but whatevs) she goes “Oh I’ve been there! I ate delicious pizza at a Mexican restaurant, do you know of it?” One I laughed because who orders pizza at a Mexican restaurant when you are a tourist, and two DC is HUGE!!! I was just like nope no idea I live at least four hours away from there… She was like “oh. It was the best pizza, you should try it sometime!” Yup lady I will definitely keep that in mind.

I also opened a bank account this week and that was very complicated. But I got it done so WHEW what a relief! However I was talking to the lady who helped me and she asked where I was from since I had an accent. When I told her America she was like “OH you speak English that is awesome! My son is learning English, he is about your age you two should meet! You know a lot of Americans come here and get married! Maybe you and my son…” I was just staring at her mouth open. This was a woman I just met. I was like well you know you are in a small town when…haha

Well its 80 degrees outside so I am going to go profiter bien du soleil (enjoy the sunshine!)! I will leave you with a picture of a cat on a car, because that is just what the internet needs, more pictures of cats!

i can haz napz?