It’s OK, we do this in America

If you’ve never been to France, well one in my opinion that needs to change, and two you are seriously missing out on the comic relief that is French people dancing. When I studied abroad I went to the disco once and I ended up with some great photos of the French people in the background, like this:

He's got moves illegal in most countries

Just to illustrate what I’m talking about further, watch this video I found on youtube…

Alright so moral of the story is here is that French people dancing is one of my most favorite things. On Friday, Stephanie and I decided to go out after going to a game night with some weird old people (I’m talking Dungeons and Dragons) who all smelled like b.o. and/or alcohol. When we arrive at our favorite place, La Ruelle, we run into the son of one of the English teachers at the high school who is super nice. Anyways everyone is having a good time talking and dancing bla bla bla being social butterflies when around 2am I decide that it is time for me to start dancing. I inform the DJ that he needs to start playing some good music so I can get my groove on. The logic that I was deluding myself with was that French people are funny dancers so therefore I will look awesome doing whatever I want to do.

Generally when I start thinking along those lines, I embarass myself. A lot. Beer in hand I’m on the dancefloor grooving (I’m talking about busting out the snaps, some crazy arm movements, basically things that are generally embarassing and socially unacceptable) having a blast, yelling ” AUX ÉTATS-UNIS, ON FAIT ÇA!” translated to, “don’t worry, in the US we do this.” Awesome logic, except that its simply not true. My belief in that I was super embarassing was confirmed when I walked in last night and the bartender said, “you are a really good dancer” and then walked away laughing.

Ever heard the song, “I Can’t Dance” by LMFAO? Well listen to it because thats basically what went down on Friday night…Although this song is LMFAO so if you have sensitve ears I will tell you to maybe skip out on this one. 

Other than embarassing myself with my awesome dance moves, or lack there of, not a whole lot has been going on here soooooo FOOD UPDATE!!!!! yayyyyyy food!!!

I’m calling my 8 months here my cultivation of cooking gourmand on a stove. That doesn’t really  make sense but you know what I mean. Anyways I don’t have an oven so basically everything I make is made on the stove. I was pretty scared at first but now I’m pretty sure I’m about to Iron Chef level of awesomeness on stove cooking. My favorite meal that I’ve been making is Coq au Vin and it is super awesome. I have also eaten some other awesome things while here. In Marseille I had bouillabaisse which is a regional specialty: seafood soup. Basically they take a bunch of fish and shellfish and throw it in a pot and are like here it is ya’ll! It was heavenly. I love seafood so it was probably one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life.

Another regional specialty, in Nyons, is the olives. I eat so many olives all the time. I can’t not buy them! If you can, look for Nyons Black Olives back in the states. They are like 80000x better than any other olives eva so get on it. In fact, I’m going to snack on some I bought today while I finish this post.


Our olive oil is also famous and pretty good, I went olive oil/olive tasting the other day at our town’s co-op. By that I mean I suspiciously loitered around the olive bowls at the co-op eating as many as possible before the workers got mad at me. Anyways we are SUPER famous for our wine here. Not Nyons specifically but this area. Cotes du Rhône is the type of wine made here and it is awesome. Before I came to this part of the country I did not like red wine. Merlot, and Burgundies were just too heavy for me. However, I am a total red wine convert and am madly in love with Cotes du Rhône wine. This is my favorite:

Wine makes everything better. Except a hangover.

This one was made here in town or like somewhere near here. Also I have been eating quite a bit of pastries and bread here. The bread is divine and I don’t know how I’m going to survive without it when I get back to America. The pastries are also baller. France has the best pastries eva hands down. This was a rose macarron with raspberry filling and cream filling and raspberries. Describing it in werdz does not do it justice:


I felt guilty eating it. THAT GOOD.

Well that sounds about it! This coming weekend I’m going to visit Mika in Montelimar, where she lives about an hour away by car. Its signifigantly bigger than Nyons so hopefully it will fulfill all of my hopez and dreamz. Actually, I’m just excited because it has an Irish pub and a movie theatre that is playing Contaigon. The weekend after that I am going to Grenoble to hang out with some girls that I know so yayyy for travel and friends!!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!

Grand Bis