Stories You Won’t Believe

Sometimes you hear stories and you are just like “there is no way that is true” but then it turns out that it really is. My dad tells me these things the most I think. None are coming to mind right now though. But occasionally here in France I hear these stories and I think, “is it the fact that I don’t understand French, or is this story just really strange?” Then I think some more and I realize that I understand all the words, that the story is just THAT crazy. Wanna hear one of these stories? I heard one today… Also I realize I’m publishing this on April 1st but this is not a joke ( I swear!)

So Stephanie and I had lunch at Martine’s house with a boring British couple who I have some interesting theories on (that are irrelevant to this story), and Martine’s son who is 28, and of course her husband. Anyways so her son says “yeah I had a really interesting night last night” which Nyons is pretty tame so of course I’m curious at this point. He then continues “well my friend came to visit from Lyon, and he drank all afternoon and lost the keys to his car. Then because he was drunk, he decided to harass some pizza restaurant workers, and then sneak into his old bosses’s garden and cause some mayhem. But obviously they heard him and called the police, and it turns out he had a knife on him so he got taken to jail. We bailed him out and then went to the bar and then this morning he realized that he still doesn’t have his keys. We called everyone we know to see if his keys were around but no one has them. He has to go to Paris tomorrow too… He is coming back next weekend to get his car, but it is in a paying spot so he is going to get a lot of parking tickets…”

This is the kind of person that makes me wonder, how did you survive this long in life? I wasn’t totally sure that this is what actually happened but Stephanie said that no that is really what happened. Another question I have to ask is, where was Martine’s son when this guy was sneaking into gardens and trying to cambriolage sheesh? Cuz her son is realllllly calm and level-headed… alas that is a mystery that will not be solved.

I also tried boudin noir at Martine’s today. I thought I was going to throw up onto the table but that would have been rude. Wikipedia defines boudin noir, as ” a dark-hued blood sausage, containing pork, pig blood, and other ingredients.” Maybe my palate just isn’t taht refined, but I’m seriously gagging as I write this. Have fun with that image!

mmmm sausage…




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