I’m Famous

My students wrote an article about me plus pictures of me in action, changing lives and teaching english like a boss

Here is the link click it!!!! It is in French but here is what it says in English:

“Meaghan is our new English assistant, here is a little bit about her: She is from Virgina which the capitol is Richmond and is south of Washingon. In her region it is as cold as Nyons. She is 22 years old. For sports she plays lacrosse (mostly played in the US) and running. She was born in Alexandria next to Washington because her parents lived there at the time. She was supposed to go to Grenoble but came to Nyons because she likes traveling and it is easier in France. She can’t  livve in France because she needs a work visa. This is not her first time in our country. She lived in Brittany for four months in 2009. Meaghan does not like people who smoke, especially in the streets. She doesn’t know what she will do later. Her favorite animal is the cat. Her weakness is seafood. Her work contract will soon be finished and she leaves at the end of April, how sad!

This is pretty far off of what I told these kids but hey they are like 10 so pretttty good work dudes!

This cracks me up lololololololol




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