Ron Burgundy Strikes Again

So I havn’t updated any RB stories recently. All has been quiet on that front for the past few weeks, until today that is. Unfortunately this isn’t a funny story. He made me mad. Like really mad.

We are doing a food unit for his class and he was like “lets do frites” frites being french fries. I go yeah cool ok french fries and he looks at me and goes “no chips” and I go “no chips are the same in America as they are here” and he goes “yes but in England frites are chips” and I go “yes I know but I’m not from England.”

He stops, looks me right in the eye and goes “are they paying you to come here and be American? no they are paying you to come here and be British so thats what you better teach in my class.” UM EXCUSE ME… I’m sorry but I was really offended by this. I’ve never been to freaking England much less learned British English. I have a president not a queen and I’m never going to speak British English. In fact it generally sounds wrong to me, but that is just my opinion.

What do you say to someone that has just insulted your nationality? I think he knew he pissed me off. I fumed the rest of the class but didn’t say anything. What could I say? I’m just a transient worker, hes been there for like 20 years. So, moral of the story is: if you are American, pretend to be British. JK that’s stupid. If you are whatever you are, be that proudly and don’t let anyone bring you down!



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