When I was locked in an apartment on Monday, I had to make some phone calls. First I called my responsable to give her a heart attack by telling her that I missed my appointment. Then I had to explain why. I think she said “oo la la! Meaghan!” and made clucking hen/worried mom noises about 20x throughout the conversation. She then immediately called both my schools and told the education director of the region.

When I got to school yesterday, I walked in and all the teachers started to cheer. Then the principal goes “you have been liberated!!!” and gave me a high five. In class with Ron Burgundy he asked me to go outside the door, knock, and re-enter. Nothing too unusual about that except that he had to get his little jab in there and said, “don’t lock yourself out, or should I say in?” and then laughed and said Americans drive him crazy. How are those related? I don’t know.

I should have known I couldn’t escape with just that, at recess the Spandex King asked me to tell my tale of “liberation” to the entire faculty. EMBARASSING and awkard. They keep refering to this as my liberation and using the word “prison.” I feel like that is a little extreme; it isn’t like I was stranded on a desert island full of poisonous snakes and bats with death ray vision or anything… I hung out in my friend’s apartment and blogged and watched a million episodes of the Office which is pretty much what I do all the time. I want to make jokes about finally the French liberating the Americans but I feel like maybe WWII jokes will not be appreciated. I think I’m just a history nerd.

So now all my collegues who I’m pretty sure think I’m a walking disaster already since I never know how to say things in English, realllllly realllllly think I’m a disaster now. They are going to think all Americans are disorganized, clumsy, un-witty, people who get themselves locked in apartments haha. Oh well, at least it’s an impression…

But to recount, I was finally “liberated” at 7:30pm by Mathanee and then took the train to Montélimar and then the bus at 6:30am back to Nyons.  Also a random dog just came in my apartment… that is weird. But it is cute so that is ok. Anyways it wasn’t so bad after all!

I’ve been slacking on pictures, SORRY I just havn’t been taking any really. So I’m borrowing Mika’s because she is good at taking pictures of cool things. I will remember to take some more pictures soon.


Not the dog that just came in my apartment but if it did I would keep it… this one just hangs out in a cafe all the time and I want to steal it.

random horse down by the river



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