Long Time No Write, Yall!

So my keyboard is still broken, so please pardon the lack of apostrophes and probable misspellings. I should have had a new one BUT in true French postal system fashion, they lost it and so now I must wait… sighhhhh, la vie française…

HAPPY (day after) THANKSGIVING!!!! I trust that all of you ate a piece of pie for me! Haha… Actually  I am excited because today I am baking a pumpkin pie, and tomorrow hopefully a bomb-diggity T-Giving dinner. YAY AMERICA! Yesterday at school I tried to teach some of the older kids about Thanksgiving but Im not sure the whole <count your blessings and appreciate all the good things in your life> part about the holiday translated into French well haha. One kid was like <so basically you just hang out with your family and eat super awesome food for 3 days AND you dont have to go to school???? COOL! Im moving to America>  That sentiment was echoed by the rest of the class which was cool but I dont think they reallllly get it haha oh well! The teacher was then like <its sad, Meaghan doesnt get to go home for the holiday! Imagine missing Christmas with your family…> which produced a collective gasp from the class, and one kid raising his hand with a weird look on his face. Turns out that kid thought I took a plane home to America each night then flew back the next day. Hes 12. I feel bad because I couldnt stop laughing, but it was just too funny.

Yesterday at school was just an all around funny day… I think it was because I had on my lucky sweater! Good/funny/interesting things always happen to me when i wear it.

This is not what my sweater looks like, but if it did it would be the coolest! Magicalllll

Thats not what it actually looks like but is def just as magical. Although, I do have to say that I think I would look baller in this sweater. Anyways, back to school… like I said it was a crazy day, all the teachers were telling me random stories (ex one guy was telling me stories about his hs years… hes def like 60. He also felt the need to explain what a dictionary is to me… WHY???), and acting like crazies. Case in point, I had my aviators on during recess and I know they are supa fly (duh) and everyone here wants them because they make you into a veritable supa star instantly… like thisTom Cruise get on my  level

Tom Cruise was inspired by me, and I wasnt even born yet BOOM! Anyways this teacher sees my stunna shades and comes over and goes <Meaghan dont move, your sunglasses are perfect for me to fix my hair in… How do I look? Wait dont answer, I know I look good> To give you an idea, this teach pretty much looks like Ron Burgundy

Love of scotch not included

And finally the last crazy story from school yesterday is that a kid brought a porno magazine to school. Not joking at all, it fo realz happened! Hahaha so funny!

Who knew so many bizarre things could happen in 3 hours?? At the other school I work at on Tuesdays, one of the teachers felt the need to have me <act out rain> by pouring water on me while my eyes were closed. YUP. I almost dropped an F bomb when she did that, but dont worry I didnt pull a Ralphie in A Christmas Story… (fuuuuuuuuuuuddddddgggggeeeeee only I didnt say fudge). All the teach said to me was <OH I have an idea, close your eyes> and then she poured water on my head and cackled. Sighhhhhh… crazies I tell you!

In other news I tried to learn how to drive stick on Wednesday! Unfortunately I failed epically. My copain has a SUPER nice Mercedes ande he offered to teach me and Stephanie how to drive. However by the end of the afternoon he was so frustrated with us stalling out like 600x that he told us he knows a good driving school where we could learn… so much for subtlety lolz.

Grenoble last weekend was super fun! I love that city! While out I heard some awesome muzac you should def chk out if you want some european jamz in yo life!!!

If you have sensitive ears, skip that one… But these next two are fine!!

And finally if you need a good laugh, watch this video it is an all time fav!

Thats as much typing as I can do for now… Skype me peeps!!!!!



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