Montelimar weekend in pix!

So my keyboard is still barely functional so I thought I would post pix from my weekend in Montelimar which is the closest city with a train and it is an hr away haha… life!

Montelimar X-Files capitol of France...

yes we ate there, haha crazies

nougat museum! sugar OD was inevitable. also this pic is weird if u look close! haha

nougat, made fresh daily by creepy bee people!

bee in a plane... WTF

the most awk chair ever

petting zoo in the park!

So I realize I do not have any pix of the city just random things from the trip. Well my friends, I am quite partial to Nyons and how darn cute it is so Montelimar just fails to compare. Also it rains there alot, bleh.


One thought on “Montelimar weekend in pix!

  1. Somehow, it all works..Fox Muldar referrence and creepy bee people…could br the plat for a renewed series. Hope your keyboard comes soon! Dad

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