Adventures in Nyons

So I love Nyons. Not only is it beautiful, cute, adorable, and pretty much what I imagine a fairytale city looks like, but I kind of feel like a celebrity here. Everyone stares at me and the other assistant, Stephanie, when we are out. Occasionally we hear them whispering things like “oh there are the Americans!” even though she is Canadian (eh). It is a common fact that French people don’t really have tact and are kind of just blatant about everything (probably one of the reasons why I like them so much) hence the obvious staring/whispering. However, it lends itself to my delusions of grandeur. I like to imagine that I am a celebrity of some sort, preferably a rich heiress so I don’t actually have to do anything, and that these people staring because I am famous… sigh… what dreams! Haha.

Anyways, I’ve been exploring more and more here finding little things that make this town quirky.

Look at the kid's face... he must really love vinegar! haha!!!

I really want to know who painted that because it is supposed to be vintage-y but they kind of just look like aliens. And the kid’s face just kills me.

Le Tex, specializing in kitschy americana decor

Wanted: a better criminal name

I’m tempted to try this place who claims to serve tex-mex food but there is no way it will even come close to Rio Grande in Greensboro and I might just get all sad and depressed. This is probably the second longest time I’ve gone without eating Mexican food (sad, yet true) with the first being when I studied abroad LOL.

On Thursday mornings here there is a HUGE market. Everyone from all the towns around come in and it is just insane. Anything that you could possibly want to buy is there: clothes, jewelery, plants, food, fish, cheese, bread, shoes, scarves, random things, JEGGINGS!!!! LOLOLOL. I actually did laugh out loud when I saw jeggings, they were probably my favorite find of the day haha. I also spent time reading in a park in the afternoon where I promptly fell asleep on a bench and probably looked like a homeless woman.

Last night Stephanie and I attempted to go out at the only club for like 40 miles. First we started off the night on an embarrassing foot by showing up too early. Apparently it didn’t open until 11 and we showed up at 10:50. Embarrassing… And we were like THE only people there all night. Also embarrassing. Haha I love my life.

Today we went in all the antique shops in town and found some cool things. There was also plenty of weird things as well. Like this,

Why yes I would love to buy a creepy African deer leg for my room

And this…

I'd just like to thank Lafeyette for helping the American Revolution by buying this plate with his face on it

I’m confused as to why this plate exists. Oh the 70s… what a silly time.

Tomorrow we are going to an English breakfast/bruch/coffe hour. That should be interesting. I also start working on Monday or Tuesday (whatever I feel like) and by working I mean teaching kids English games/songs/poems. Yeah this job is awesome! Have a good rest of the weekend everyone!!!

Grand Bis



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