Alright, I caved

I’ll be honest… I took a nap. It’s the cardinal rule of jet laggers, do not nap. But i did. But only for an hour so thats ok right? I reallllly hope I sleep tonight!

Anyways, here I am in Paris!!! AHHHHHHH I can’t even believe it! It is surreal. Yet awesome! I haven’t taken any pictures yet (sorry dear followers) because I have so many from my last trip here that I feel a little redundant taking pictures of things. Today I walked around the Latin Quarter, Notre Drame, the Rue de Rivoli, Les Halles, annnnnd I think thats it. Basically I was super touristy. I did have an AMAZING lunch in the Latin Quarter at some fixed price resto, where I had French Onion Soup, an Omlette with fries (weird I know), and Creme Caramel. Sooooo yummy!!!

Notre Dame, stolen from my visit in 2009

Currently I am watching adorable French children play. They are 3 and I’m not sure what they are saying but I just read them a book called “Barbapapa” which translates to “Cotton candy.” Its a weird childrens book about a cotton candy family. This is what they look like:


Last time I checked, the cotton candy I was eating did NOT look like that. Thank goodness.

I’m still trying to process my trip which was quite eventful I must say. First I met the ambassador to the US from Panama. He talked to me about how much he loved the Redskins and that they won the other day. A plus in my book! I also met a cute old French couple who invited me to dinner at their house in Paris! And finally on my flight to Paris I sat next to a crazy old lady who tried to tell me my future and also that her  sons were very famous… I’m not sure but she talked the entire 7 hours so it all kind of blurs together…

Then once I arrived I felt the need to take the subway the entire way to my cousins failing to realize that HOLY COW I had 70lbs of luggage. I hauled those things up stairs like this maybe 5x at the minimum:

Lots and Lots and Lots of Stairs...

Then a walk straight uphill for 6 blocks. I’m not going to be able to move my arms tomorrow. Oh well, it makes up for all the delicious croissants I have consumed thus far!

I’m missing everyone stateside! Skype me people 🙂 meaghan7lax

Grand bis



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