Five Bowling Pins

So since I’ve got 7 days until my pretty little face gets on a Spanish flight from JFK to Paris I decided I should probably start packing my room up and cleaning out my clothes because there is no way all my clothes are fitting in one suitcase. Worst decision I’ve made all week. This is now what my room looks like: A bomb may have created this disaster. Or my inability to stay organized.

As you can see it looks like a bomb of clothing may have gone off. Either that or I’m incredibly disorganized. I’m going with the latter. I don’t even think this picture really gets the scope of what my room looks like but its the best that I can do haha.

Unfortunately attempting to sort through this has turned me into a five bowling pins crazy  lady. I think I’ve cried three times today. I keep alternating from needing to be active and flying around doing seventeen things at once to sitting on the edge of my bed crying. See? Five bowling pins.

I think I’m going to cry the whole way to Paris. But I know once I step off the plane onto that French terre I’ll be ok. I’m struggling with moving and being the first one of my friends to truly leave, complicated by the fact that there will now be a 6 hour time difference between us. Moving to France has been my dream since I was 18 and realized how much I loved the language. I’m happy I’m going… scratch that… completely stoked that I’m going, the leaving is the hard part.

I just keep looking at pictures of Nyons, and repeating “adventure of a lifetime” and I feel better. And besides, who wouldn’t want to live in a Mediterranean climate surrounded by olive orchards and vineyards in a place that looks like this:

Quaint. French. Perfect.

Also this:

Are you jealous yet?

For now, you will have to be contented with pictures taken from google images until I myself can grace you with fabulous photos. But first, 6 days in Paris with my wonderful cousin Lylan and her sweet family!

Now, this crazy lady needs to start a new knitting project so I don’t go crazy.

Grand Bis



One thought on “Five Bowling Pins

  1. I hope this is the only one you have to ever tag as “crying” I’ll miss you best friend but hopefully i can get a canoe and come and see you sooon!

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