The clock is ticking

20 days until I leave America for ye olde continent and la franhahaha as Erin would call it! I’d like to just point out that I am completely freaking out about it! I feel completely five bowling pins over it, elated one minute and like I’m going to have a melt down the next… Which brings me to story time!!!

So for the past month I have been living with a family I babysit for who have two amazing and smart and completely HILARIOUS kids, AJ and Louis. One day AJ was completely bent out of shape and Jim said to Sarah, “Geez its like he’s bi-polar, happy one minute and crying the next.” AJ heard this and being 5 said, “Dad why did you call me five bowling pins?” and then proceeded to say he was not “five bowling pins” and act completely five bowling pins. Kids are hilarious. However “five bowling pins” kind of is how I feel right now.

I don’t want to leave because of my friends here and I have been having so much fun the past few months in da boro, but at the same time I’m about to have an amazing 7 months in France… Right? YES. The answer has to be YES. I’m not going to let myself not have fun I just need to get my feet on Paris soil and not look back :).

But before I do that, I’ve still got 2 weeks left in Greensboro, a trip to New Jersey, and some time in Noke before I head out… 20 days people 20 days!!!!!


5 thoughts on “The clock is ticking

  1. Dear Megan..
    WOW! Have so enjoyed reading about your adventures!

    Miss you @ the Yogurt!!

    You are in my thoughts…

    Much Love…Connie Dillon

    • Connie!
      Thank you so much for the sweet words! I am coming home for a few days in February to see the fam and I’ll be making a stop in Greensboro, I’d love to see you! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

      • Dear Megan…

        Look forward to seeing you when you come.
        Meanwhile…contiue with your fabulous journey in joy and peace.

        Much Love..Connie

      • Dear Megan…
        GREAT! Look forward to seeing you when you come home!
        Enjoy your wonderful adventure in JOY and Peace.

        Love Connie

  2. Dear Megan…

    GREAT! Will look forward to seeing you when you come home.
    Coninut to enjoy your adventure in JOY and Peace.

    Love, Connie

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