What I know… unfortunately not much

As this blog is titled Mego In France, you would assume that I’m about to embark on the wild ride through Europe, drinking copious amounts of French wine, enjoying the delicacies of French cuisine (escargot anyone?), and somewhere in there expanding my horizons and becoming fluent. On one hand I suppose you are right, because I plan to do all of those things and more (ha), but right now I really have NO IDEA what I’m about to embark on. I know two things: 1. French wine is amazing 2. I have a job that will pay for said French wine.

This whole adventure revolves around my wonderful job that I have found teaching English for 7 months to a bunch of elementary school kids in a tiny tiny town called Nyons, population: 7,000. If you ask me how I feel about this, I say “Oh I’m quite excited, it will be super fun!” but really I mean, “OMG THIS IS TERRIFYING” because really what in the heck do I know about teaching English? And the town is so small! I’ve never lived anywhere that small before… Nyons is typically not listed on maps. I found a map that has it on it, but it really doesn’t help you figure out where it actually is unless you are super familiar with French geography which I’m guessing if you are reading this you probably aren’t… sigh…So if you are wondering if I am nervous the answer is YUP. Kind of freaking out, but hey Nyons is famous (who knew?) for its olives and olive oil. So if nothing else i expect to be a connoisseur by the end of my stay!

As I continue to horrify my parents with my lack of knowledge regarding this adventure (I know when my flight leaves and that’s as far as i’ve gotten…yikes!), I have vague plans of couch surfing through Grenoble… and when I say vague I mean I’m doing it just havn’t worked out the deets yet… and no plans or information on where to live in Nyons. I’m just going to wing it when I get there. Scary? Yes. Crazy? Yes. Am I 22 and brave and probably a little bit off my rocker? YUP.

Hey being 22, adventurous, maybe just a tad bit crazy can’t be a bad thing! I’m bound to get some interesting stories out of this 🙂

Grand Bis



One thought on “What I know… unfortunately not much

  1. There’s nothing better than being 22, unattached (at least legally, right?), and free to play in France. I hope you enjoy every minute, even the crazy frustrating ones!

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